Home Essentials by Kay - Principles for a happy, effective, and fulfilling home
Creating a Place of Peace
Home Essentials by Kay is a one day intensive where a small group of women are welcomed into Kay’s home to observe and experience, first hand, a happy and peace-filled home. Those who are fortunate enough to attend will discover their purpose as wives and mothers. And they will be given clear direction to achieve their purpose and replace frustration with fulfillment. Come and experience this life changing Day with Kay!
Creating a peaceful, loving, nurturing home takes great intention on your part and guidance from God's Word.  In her workshops, Kay Cherry will equip you with the essential elements to establish your home as a caring, murturing environment. In these workshops, you will learn:
  • How to embrace different personality types and reduce conflicts in your family.
  • Tips to organize, decorate, and entertain on any budget    
  • Why the home is such a valuable cornerstone to your family
  • Biblical principles for marriage and raising children
  • What your role as a wife and mother actually is and be encouraged to fulfill it with excellence
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